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Termites are nature's way of breaking down dead wood. The termite is responsible for more than 1.7 million dollars in damage each year in the U.S. alone. Finding termites usually doesn't occur until they have chewed their way into your living space or you have decided to remodel and find evidence. 

There are a couple different types of termites. 

DRYWOOD: These termites prefer sound, dry wood. Infested areas could include wall framing, rafters, unpainted wooden fences, eaves, etc. 

Once we have identified the infestation, we can enter the galleries where the termites live through small holes. Sometimes a camera is used to identify particular infestations. 

SUBTERRANEAN: These termites require moist environments. They live in or near the soil and they build mud tubes which act as a highway between the wood and the ground. 

When we treat for these types of termites, we recommend that a barrier be applied to the perimeter of the home. We create that barrier by treating the soil around the visible and accessible areas. 

We offer low cost termite inspections for your home or business. If this is related to escrow or a real estate transaction, there is no extra charge for the certified document needed for escrow. 

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